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Woman Turns Her Passion to Profit with ‘Nikki Darling’
Donovan X. Ramsey
WEDA Newsletter/Site

Ohio transplant Nikki Darling moved to Atlanta in 1994 to attend Morris Brown College. She studied Criminal Justice at the school, which led to a thriving career as a Paralegal over the past 12 1/2 years. While a legal profession was comfortable, she decided to pursue her own business in an industry for which she had always had a real passion. After finding WEDA and completing its Atlanta Microenterprise Initiative, she established herself as an Atlanta-based fashion consultant and later opened a boutique through Nikki Darling & Co. She has served as a costumer for video shoots, photo shoots, movies and sometimes your average professional but has recently moved her business forward with a new Downtown Atlanta boutique.

Ms. Darling’s journey to being an entrepreneur is one to which many working professionals can probably relate to. She found herself falling into the workman’s mentality. Go to college, get a job, get married, have children, and go back to work to pay for it all! After years of trying to fill the missing pieces to the puzzle, Darling knew there had to be something else out there that was more in tune with her personality and charisma, and after over a decade of working in an office setting, she finally began to make strides on completing her puzzle.

“I have a modeling background,” she said in a recent interview with WEDA, “and when I moved to Atlanta, my mom didn’t want me to pursue modeling anymore. I’m an only child to my mother, and she was not a fan of some of the aspects of the fashion industry however, I’ve always had a passion for fashion.” She adds, “Everything that I’ve always done has always reverted back to fashion.”


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