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WEDA Atlanta

Womens Economic Development Agency

About US

Founded in 1996, WEDA is non-profit organization with the mission to help women achieve economic independence, create opportunity, and, build a business community through entrepreneurship. Our mission is supported by a program of innovative seminars, workshops, and our cornerstone AMI course series.

Thorough a partnership with the Small Business Administration, WEDA has assisted more than 17,000 entrepreneurs and has helped to facilitate the formation of more than 1,500 small businesses. These range from home-based, cottage industries, like jewelry-making,; to retail ventures and attorney practices. WEDA’s programs and services are divided into 3 categories: business development, wealth building, and customized training and licensing.

WEDA is a bi-lingual organization that offers its programs and services in both English and Spanish. Although we are a women centric organization, we do not discriminate and serve an ethnically- and gender-diverse clientele.

WEDA by Numbers:
● WEDA serves, on average, 2,800 entrepreneurs per year.
● Annual revenue of WEDA client businesses ranges from nearly $6,000 to more than $1 million a year,
● 32% of our clients report monthly sales greater than $2,500, compared to just 25% of similarly-sized businesses nationally
● 57% of businesses that are “associated with micro enterprise programs” survive beyond their fifth year, compared to 63% of WEDA client businesses.


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